David Llewelyn Darkin

Chamber President Re-election

20th October 2021

Last night I had the great honour of being re-elected as the president of the Llanelli Chamber of Trade and Commerce. During the next year, I look forward to working with businesses, community organisations and councils to promote business in Llanelli for the prosperity of our community. Below is my 2021 President’s Report.

President’s Report 2021

Llanelli Chamber of Trade and Commerce

This year has seen the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic which has presented significant disruption to businesses. Unlike 2020 which saw businesses adjusting to Covid-19, 2021 has seen businesses emerging back to a sense of normality. Those businesses that have survived the pandemic have witnessed some of the biggest shifts in business practices in a generation whether that’s through online shopping and delivery or through digital meetings and conferencing. The coming years present an excellent opportunity for businesses in Llanelli if they can take advantage of these new and emerging ways of working and providing services and goods..

The chamber has transitioned back from online meetings to in-person meetings, but I feel we do have a serious question to consider about ongoing chamber meetings. Whilst I believe we all agree that we prefer in person meetings, it was very clearly evident that participation was increased when meetings were online. We’re also down a secretary after our previous secretary Sarah had to step back to focus on her business. This is a vital role and I would ask everyone to consider who may be a suitable replacement.

2021 has also been a sad year for the chamber through the loss of Ken Adams last month. Ken was a long serving member of the chamber and former president and chair and had a significant impact on the businesses of Llanelli.

This Business Improvement District (BID) has been renewed for another five years with a decisive vote in its favour. This shows how much of a positive impact the BID has had to date. If any more proof were needed, you need look no further than last week’s highly successful Food Festival which saw the town full to the brim.

Both Andrew and I have attended the County Council’s Town Centre Task Force meetings over the last year.The main initiatives championed through the task force are a return of the Market Street boot sale as well as the regeneration of the Park Congregation Church.

I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support this year and I look forward to the exciting opportunities for business in Llanelli in the year ahead.