David Llewelyn Darkin

Congestion Issues

25th April 2017

Traffic congestion on Felinfoel Road / Thomas Street has reached epic proportions and we need a solution. Residents in Old Road and Cysgod Y Llan have complained that New Road is being used as a ‘Rat-Run’ and residents on Felinfoel Road tell me that pollution from stationary traffic has reached intolerable levels.

The situation appears to have risen since the pedestrianisation of Bridge Street. This was critical in maintaining Llanelly House, a valuable part of our historic built environment. Furthermore, I do not believe that we should be looking to restore vehicular traffic to Bridge Street.

I will be seeking clarification from the County Council Highways department on potential solutions, one of which, illustrated below is a roundabout. A solution is desperately needed here, not just for road users, but for the local residents who are suffering as a result. I have written to John McEvoy, the Road Safety and Traffic Manager of Carmarthenshire County Council and am awaiting a response.