David Llewelyn Darkin

Rural Concerns

30th May 2017

Today I visited a number of of the smaller villages and communities in the north of the constituency and discussed the concerns they have in their communities.

“We need better phone signal and broadband”

Infrastructure is a devolved matter and the Welsh Government does have an Infrastructure investment plan. However, Welsh Government relies on funding from Westminster which I would actively seek to increase. In the light of Brexit, I am concerned that Wales could lose out, given the investment which we were receiving via the EU.

Much like the industrial revolution of the past, we are currently undergoing the digital revolution. The world of work has changed with many more people being self-employed and/or working from home. If we don’t have the digital infrastructure we need, people will be forced to move away and businesses will be reluctant to invest in our communities.

“Trucks keep coming through the village and get stuck on the corner”

Sat Navs are a blessing and a curse. Lorry drivers using sat navs meant for cars can cause drivers to take unsuitable roads causing misery for local residents and being potentially dangerous. Whilst drivers could be charged with driving without due care and attention, I believe that a specific offence would be a more effective deterrent.