David Llewelyn Darkin


25th September 2018

Since Sunday 16th of September, the SOSPPAN Campaign group has maintained a presence at Prince Philip Hospital campaigning for the retention of services; Tomorrow sees the campaign draw to a close as the health board’s decision is announced. The group has included dozens of volunteers, making sure that day or night, whatever the weather, a continual presence has been maintained at the campsite.

The campaign aims to demonstrate to the health board just how strongly the people of Llanelli feel about their hospital and just how vital it is that we retain a general hospital and that it isn’t downgraded to a community hospital.

Llanelli Town Council passed a motion fully supporting the campaign, and I’ve been proud to represent the Town Council and the people of Llanelli in supporting this campaign. The campaign has gained signifigant support both online and offline, with many social media posts supporting the campaign and people bringing food and supplies up to the campsite. The campaign has also attracted significant media interest and below is a link to a video of the campaign’s appearance on the national news.

Tomorrow will be a significant day with the committee travelling to County Hall in Carmarthen to hear the Health Board’s decision.

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